Infected Zombie RPG by Immersion Studios

Created by Oliver R Shead

Infected Zombie RPG by Immersion Studios
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The outbreak is over. Now the real struggle for survival begins - will you try to rebuild society, or tear it down?

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AU$26,523.00 / 308 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: May 2016
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THE BOOK (if you haven't ordered one already)
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+1 Hardcopy of the Book (if you want an extra one)
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Custom Dice
Infected Dice. Sure to contaminate your water supply and spread the virus... oh wait, did I say t... more »
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Narrator Screen
The Infected Narrator Screen! On one side, our epic art and on the other, quick-reference rules f... more »
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Reference Cards
Four beautiful high-quality cards with reference information on one side and epic art on the othe... more »
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PDF of the Book
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PDF of Narrator Screen
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Advantages & Disadvantages
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Narrator Screen
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Learn About Our Project:



Infected! is a Premium-Quality Tabletop RPG set in the wake of a global zombie apocalypse. The outbreak is over. The infected have been all-but wiped out, and humanity finally has a chance to rebuild society - or tear what's left down.

We've met our target... now let's focus on these awesome Stretch Goals! There is just so much cool stuff we want to put in for this product - help us get there by spreading the word!

$15K - Reference Card Add-Ons - UNLOCKED!

We have now unlocked x4 Reference Card Add-Ons. Check the Add-Ons section below to see how you can add them to your pledge.

$17K - Weaponisation UNLOCKED

All weapons and armour will now be fully colour illustrated!

$20K - x4 NEW Archetype Portraits - UNLOCKED!

We have now unlocked four new Archetypes and their lavish portraits - Junk Peddler, Government Enforcer, Delver and Saw!

$22K - Adventure Set Amongst Backer-Created Content  - UNLOCKED

We have unlocked a new adventure set amongst backer-created content. This will feature Backer-created NPCs, Groups, areas - as much as we can fit into it!

$24K - High Quality Maps - UNLOCKED!

We will commission an additional x4 high-quality maps for key setting regions, artistically creating towns, roads, ruins, faction areas and the like, so that Narrators can quickly and easily see who goes where.

$28K - Additional Setting Pack!

At this level we will be able to create a whole new setting supplement to go along with the main book! This will be a rich new area, complete with NPCs, factions, cults, philosophies, conflicts, interwoven politics and brand-new art.
Of note, we would be tackling the East Coast of Australia! Such people as the Hawkesbury Reavers, a group of fishermen/coastal raiders! And the fortress-town of Newcastle, the seat of a new government.
This will be a 30-page booklet, free as a PDF download for all backers of Survivor level and up. It will also be available as a Print-On-Demand book from Drive Thru RPG, at a discount for all backers.
Unlocking this will also mean we can unlock more backer-input pledge levels - so it will give more people a shot at contributing, and getting themselves, their names and cool items into the book!

$33K - Expansion of the Setting Pack

Ooh yeah, this is where things get awesome.We will be able to turn the setting pack into a 100-page book, with many additional regions, NPCs, groups, plot hooks and small scenarios. For instance, we could now include the North Sea Coalition, a confederacy of seafarers/salvagers/pirates, living in a semblance of cooperation...most of the time. A disparate group of people helping each other out most of the time, whilst constantly scheming to gain the upper hand in the resource wars of the cold seas (which is a cool backer-created concept, to give credit where credit's due!).
This will still be available free to all backers of Survivor level and up, and as a POD book from Drive Thru RPG at a discounted rate for all backers.
Note that this will unlock even more backer-input pledge levels!

$38K - The Ultimate Expansion of the Setting Pack!

Now we bring out the big guns. The setting pack would become its very own hardcover book, cramming in all-new regions, NPCs, groups and even archetypes, as well as an epic adventure arc.
This book would now be 150 pages in length, filled with gobsmacking art, hardcover as a POD book - it will be an incredible resource for any GM! Furthermore, it will be a FREE PDF for all backers of Survivor level on up, and the POD will be discounted to all backers.
This will unlock the final tier of backer-input pledge levels.

Here are a whole bunch of cool things you can do to spread the word, AND get extra stuff to boot! Post up cool photos of eerie abandoned buildings, old smashed up cars, places that could be Infected lairs or survivor hideouts (see the list below) - then post them up online and tag us!
We're on Facebook (Immersion Studios)
Google + (Immersion Studios)
and Twitter (@ImmersionRPG)

Add-On Instructions:

To add an Add-On to your pledge, follow these steps:

1) Press the "Manage Your Pledge" button above.
If you have not pledged yet it will say, "Back this project."

2) Increase your pledge in the "Pledge Amount" box by the total of the add-ons you want to add.

3) After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will be sent a survey that will ask you questions so you can tell us how you would like the add-on money assigned.

Narrator (GM) Screen! $25 AUD

(About $19 USD)

You asked for it. Now it's here. The Infected! Narrator Screen! On one side, our epic art (I love this image... so it might be fitting), and on the other, quick-reference rules for the Narrator. This will be of high-quality card (a little less thick than the front cover of a book), and will be three folding panels.

This is a limited edition screen!

We are only printing this for the Kickstarter, so get in now. They will be gone. Actually... I'm getting one myself. Now I have to have one (watching my own vids, I crave the awesomeness of the screen... it will be mine!).

All purchasers of the GM Screen will also receive a PDF version of it free of charge. To purchase the PDF on its own costs (without the hardcopy) $3 AUD.

To purchase and ship a GM Screen on its own will cost $15AUD postage. We're really sorry it's so expensive!
Purchasing them with the book won't cost anything extra, as it will be bundled together, and their weight will be just below the threshold for higher costs (and because we have already taken some of the pre-existing shipping costs in the price of the book).

Reference Cards! $6 AUD

About $4 USD

The Reference Cards have now been unlocked. These will be four beautiful high-quality cards with reference information on one side and epic art on the other. Tailored for a Narrator (GM), these are very handy for keeping track of key NPCs, bad guys and Infected. To purchase them, simply add $6 (AUD) to your pledge level.

These are only available for Soldier level backers and on up.

Infected Dice - 2 = $10, 5 = $22.50  

About $7.50USD / $17USD

Infected Dice. Sure to contaminate your water supply and spread the virus... oh wait, did I say that out loud?! These puppies will be black with white writing (as seen above), with a Hand symbol as the 10 and a splat mark with the Infected "i" in the middle (space allowing) for the 1.

The basic set of 2D10s (one red-on-black and one white-on-black) costs $10 AUD, while the full epic set of 5 (sure to see you through full-auto sprays of cackling madness) costs $22.50AUD (two red-on-black and three white-on-black). Just add the numbers to your pledge total to take them as an add-on.

These are only available for Soldier level backers and on up.

+1 Create an Advantage or Disadvantage! $7 AUD

(About $5 USD)

Limit of 50

I love this idea.
Help us to create an Advantage or Disadvantage in the game! These are quirks of a character , like a gimp leg, missing teeth, irritating behaviour, bad breath, insomnia, nightmares, or strong right arm, really lucky, jammy git, fated for greatness, and that sort of thing.
Please message me when you are taking this Add-On so I can confirm with you that there are still places available.

To check out our existing list of A&D, click here.

+1 Additional Hardcover Book $60 AUD

Getting an additional hardcover book of Infected! costs $60. But please be sure to check out the costs of shipping more than one book (under the Rewards section below). Please note, you can indeed buy more than one book - each one costs $60.

The outbreak is over.

The virus came out of nowhere, appearing at first like a brutal strain of the flu. Incredibly contagious, it sent its victims into deep comas, which usually resulted in a slow, wasting death.

But some woke from those comas...changed. Whoever they had once been was now gone, replaced completely by the animal within. Their only drive now was to hunt and feed.

The world convulsed, and slowly began to collapse. Brutal quarantines, troops, bombings, gas, tanks and even nukes were used to try to stem the tide. They wiped out the Infected - but also most of society, and its infrastructure. 

Around five years on, the fury of the outbreak has subsided. In most places, the Infected are almost all wiped out and the virus has far fewer population centres to hit. Finally, society has a chance to rebuild and recover.

Humanity lives on in countless towns, settlements and even small cities in the ruins. Beyond their limits, the old sprawling mega-cities start to decay under a spreading layer of green.

New trade networks are springing up between these burgeoning settlements. There are countless opportunities to be had in this new, quieter world - as well as countless dangers.

Out there are bandits, thieves, warlords, grifters, cons, burners and crazies - and worst of all, the Infected themselves. Like a parasite on humanity, they live on the fringes of society, in the dark and broken places of the world, from which they hunt in packs with the cunning of wolves. It is not so much their attacks, as the virus that they carry, that survivors fear. Fresh outbreaks can devastate communities.

Now the real struggle begins. Those who are left can choose: rebuild society, or burn what's left down!

What we're aiming for here is a full-colour, premium quality hardcover RPG book, of over 250 pages. Inside will be everything you need to play games of horror, suspense and desperate survival, complete with setting information, plot hooks, sample characters, NPCs, information on Narrating and sample adventures. 

Book Mock-Up
Book Mock-Up

We've spent the past 5 years playtesting and preparing this setting and the other settings in the Immersion RPG stable. The writing is done for this book, and after months of tweaking and preparing, we've now got it ready for launch. The only step now is to get the rest of the art! As you can see, we really want this to be a top-notch product, and are prepared to do what it takes to put it out there, but it can't be done without your help.

To have a look at the book yourself, check out the Sampler on Drive Thru RPG for more information on the setting and the rules (or subscribe on our website to get a copy sent to you). It's 49 pages of story, basic rules, wicked artwork and even sample characters with an adventure you can play! Free. Because we just want to see you run and scream while Infected try to eat you... errr...yeah...

There are also Interactive Character Sheets that go along with it:

And some rules summary sheets:

Infected! is the first setting release of the Immersion RPG system. This is a classless, levelless system that with minimal adjustment can be used for any setting, anywhere. 

  • 2d10 dice resolution is used for most actions, with a gradient scale of success - for example, hitting your target well will contribute to your damage.
  • Play any character you want! These rules support you playing a character rather than a class - and that's because it's a classless system. You can be anyone you want, with any sort of history, in any sort of situation. Your history, personality and circumstances will directly influence the game mechanics. Your morality is also an important part of the story.  
  • Player ingenuity is encouraged with our flexible use of skills, attributes and circumstances for actions. The GM ordinarily assigns which are to be used, but the player can approach the task in a different way (if they're convincing).
Player ingenuity is encouraged - approach actions your way!
Player ingenuity is encouraged - approach actions your way!
  • Perfect for open-ended campaigns. With this setting and with the rules system, you can play any sort of game you want, with any sort of characters. You don't have to play a strictly combat-based game. You could be traders between settlements, explorers, salvagers, negotiators, leaders or builders of a new society.
  • Ideal for experienced gamers looking to take things to the next level. The Immersion RPG system is ideal for those gamers who are experienced with role playing games and want to get even more action, adventure and character packed into their gaming experience.
  • Universal Rules System. Using the intuitive and fluid Immersion RPG game system, the rules for Infected! can be easily adapted for any situation, and any game setting. Though this current incarnation is more slanted towards the modern day, the full rules can be easily used for fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or really any game you want to play.
  • Adaptable to Your Style of Play. Want to change the game a bit? Want things super realistic and harsh? Or perhaps more heroic, with the player characters cutting through a swathe of Infected at every turn? Well now you can. The Immersion RPG system has options to make it adaptable to your style of play.
  • Nonlinear Progression. Characters can progress in any direction they wish, any way they wish, any time. There's no levels, no specific skills or abilities you have to take and no limits to your characters.

Rules Videos

For further clarification of the rules, here are several rules videos, where we go over some of the finer points of the system.

A Sample Game of Infected RPG:

The interview runs until 1 hr 7 minutes.  
Character creation runs from 1:07:25 until 2:45:55
Game play runs from 2:45:46 until the the end.


We want to keep things simple. The main point of this is to produce a killer book, so that is what we're providing! There'll also be the opportunity to get involved in some of the behind-the-scenes work and contribute to the final artwork through the pledge levels.

Ever wanted to be actually in an RPG book? For a small number of backers, there'll be that opportunity. But for everyone who backs, there will not only be the satisfaction of fighting and surviving in the post-outbreak world, there will also be our acknowledgement in the book - forever.

The higher backer levels will receive a higher position, and a larger (and fancier, more prominent) font.

Because you backers are awesome.

Creative Backer Levels

Some of our levels include the option to add content to the Infected! game, whether by creating an NPC, group, or other means. All of these levels are given with the understanding that Immersion Studios will retain all intellectual property rights for these, and will have the final say with regards to them.

What this means is that we will have ultimate discretion on what we choose to include. We will always work with you on your creation, and if there are any issues we will work with you to make the content as compatible as possible. But just so it's all laid out clearly here, please understand that we must retain complete and final control over the design process.

If you think you wouldn't like having to go through our monitoring process (we're nice, but still, not everyone likes having to change an idea), then we recommend not backing at the creative levels.

The music in our Kickstarter video is courtesy of the awesome guys at the band MAKE. Thank you so much for permission to use your track!


 If you would like to help this project along, there's a fun way to promote it! Pick one of these avatars below to be your personal mascot! Or check out this backer update for more!

Thank you! Your support makes all the difference!

A Special Thank You

I would like to give a special thank you to Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games, whose incredible Kickstarter Lessons blog has helped me every step of the way through this Kickstarter. This campaign could not be at the same level it is today without his help (and it is help he gives to everyone, everywhere). So thank you Jamey!